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Organic, Unpasteurized California Almonds


Our almonds are grown right here on our family farm located in Chico, California without the use of man-made fertilizers and spray,  They are certified organic by CCOF.

Our almonds are truly raw and unpasteurized.  We do not use heat or chemicals to sterilize them.  They are truly raw, sproutable, living foods, and always fresh and delicious. 


​By law, unpasteurized almonds from California can only be purchased directly from the farmer who grows them - and that's us! Bremner Farms almonds are Raw, Organic and Unpasteurized - just the way nature intended. 

Organic Almonds


Our walnuts are not certified organic.  They are conventionally grown with the use of pesticides and herbicides.  Why?  The pests that plague walnut trees are different than those that plague almond trees. Without these treatments, our small family farm wouldn't yield enough per acre to stay in business. 

But, this is our home and we take great care to use the least toxic products we can find.  Our home is surrounded by our orchards which means our family drinks the water and breathes the air here. No one is more concerned about the safety of the products used on our walnuts than we are. 

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